lysses Multihull adventures is a Greek based and owned company, employing mainly local specialists. In particular, our skippers, scuba instructors, marine biologists & hosts/hostesses originate preferably from the places where the trips are organized and they may also live there. These professionals know the beauties & secrets of their home land better than anyone else. In addition, other valuable local assets are utilized as traditional taverns / restaurants, grocery shops, transfer operators, guides etc.

Living and working in the sea requires an eco-friendly attitude. Ulysses Multihull Adventures owns only sailing catamarans, where the primary means of movement is the wind. The engines of our vessels are of low horse-power (54-75 Hp) and are used only in calm, maneuvering or emergency. Special holding tanks & sewage system is fitted in our catamarans, which comply with Lloyd's Certificate for the Prevention of Sewage Pollution from black (waste) water. Solar panels and wind generators are utilized as eco-friendly energy sources, and generator use is minimized. We use biodegradable washing liquids and detergents in our galleys, suitable for boat and hull's antifouling paints are biocide free, eco-friendly paints.

The underwater environment in Greece has two distinctive attractions: First, the local marine ecosystem in terms of flora & fauna & second, the underwater cultural sites including ancient underwater cities, artifacts & wrecks. So, every dive briefing includes the following: a) respect the marine environment by not touching or taking anything underwater as souvenir, b) do not interact with underwater findings (moving around things), c) obligation to report any non recorded underwater archaeological findings to the Greek Ministry of Culture, d) maintain neutral buoyancy at least 1m(3 feet) above the sea bottom, e) take notes, photos or video of underwater flora & fauna & discuss/analyze while onboard.

Organic waste from food is gathered & thrown at sea chopped in small pieces while sailing far away from the coastline. All plastic, glass, paper & metal are gathered separately for disposing in respective blue recycling bins onshore, when moored in a marina. Black (waste) water from toilets & grey water from sinks/showers are hold in respective black & grey holding tanks, then treated & finally evacuated only while sailing offshore, far away from the coastline.

Our services are often offered free of charge to environmental activities on cleaning of beaches or the seabed or in a minimum running expenses coverage base to scientific projects on marine biology, historical or archaeological expeditions.

Ulysses Multihull Adventures is an operator licensed from the following well respected National and International organizations and a DEMA Member, guaranteeing high quality and safety standards as well as ecologic awareness. -Greek Ministry of Culture licensed -Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islands & Fisheries licensed -Lloyd's Register certified -Lloyd's & Pantenius insured -PADI and IRRA Dive Boat registered -IANTD / The Divertraining Network Diving Center listed -DAN member and insured -University of Athens approved and preferred for scientific research programs.