Maximize your liveaboard experience in the blue waters of the Mediterranean by the Marine Biology Add-On. Dedicated marine biology equipment will be onboard before embarkation for a unique enhancement of the sailing legs of your trip.

The activities that will take place onboard our vessels combine acoustic and visual cetacean surveys, plankton trawls and observation of the collected species as well as underwater discovery of the benthos (life on the sea bottom) while snorkeling.

Onboard, we examine plankton and other micro-organisms in the microscope and we talk about the local marine ecosystem.

During our trips we will visit the areas that have proven to be most interesting as well as abundant in marine fauna. The Greek Seas present idyllic sceneries in close proximity to abyssal depths allowing us to combine marine biology with visits to the famous Greek islands

The marine biology equipment onboard our catamarans is scientific equipment used not only on pleasure trips but in dedicated marine biology surveys. These include underwater stereophonic hydrophone arrays, PC sound processing systems, microscope and plankton nets as well as relevant scientific and popular literature

The experience of exploring marine life does not only aim at the widening of our knowledge and our environmental awareness but also at pleasing our senses.